Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr. Kapil Pore is one of the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Aurangabad, a renowned and skilled joint replacement specialist is at your service. With extensive experience and a track record of 1000+ successful surgeries, he is committed to providing top-notch care and mobility to patients suffering from joint-related issues. Using cutting-edge technology and advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Pore offers personalized treatment plans as per patient’s requirement. Whether it’s a knee, hip, or shoulder replacement, you visit clinic for excellent treatment results at very affordable prices.  Dr. Pore’s compassionate approach ensures that you feel at ease throughout your medical journey. If you’re seeking the best joint replacement surgeon in Aurangabad, schedule a consultation today and take a step towards regaining your active and pain-free life.

Common Types of Joint Replacements

Knee Replacement Surgery:

Overview of knee osteoarthritis as the most common reason for knee replacements.
Explanation of partial knee replacement and Total knee replacement options.
Pros and cons of traditional vs. minimally invasive techniques.

Hip Replacement Surgery:

Hip arthritis as the primary indication for Hip Replacement Surgery.
Different surgical approaches: posterior, anterior, and lateral.
Discussion of hip resurfacing as an alternative option for younger patients.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery:

Conditions leading to shoulder joint deterioration, such as rotator cuff tears or arthritis.Types of shoulder replacements are total, partial, and reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery.

By understanding the surgical process and the importance of rehabilitation, patients can make informed decisions and achieve a smoother recovery, leading to improved joint function and overall quality of life. If you believe joint replacement surgery may be an option for you, consult today with a qualified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kapil Pore.